Some creators make it and some don't... Why?

Decisions are the key.

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How to learn confidence from Steve Jobs and Michael Jordan

Up to a point, being overconfident is to your advantage. It creates a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy .

It boosts your energy and makes your efforts more effective.

The problem is a creator often carves his path in unknown territory. And in that context, remaining confident becomes a challenge.

And yet, some people master this mental skill. How?

thinking through writing

Thinking Through Writing

Thinking is a complex process. You need to: recollect information, connect different ideas together, extract the correct conclusion out of all of this mess. Our brain is unique in its capacity for thinking. But you can surely improve it. How? By thinking through writing. Written ideas are for your brain, what shoes are for your foot. They make you go faster. The benefits of thinking through writing Thinking only inside your brain is the natural approach. Nothing weird in that. But from ancient times till today, a lot of thinkers discovered the advantage of writing down ideas. The benefits of


How many mistakes are you justifying?

Learning means reducing errors. You try something, make mistakes, devise how to avoid them next time, try again. It all starts from recognizing the mistake, though. Without this, no progress. Unfortunately, we are wired to hide our own shortcomings. Not only to other people, but even to ourselves. This post will explain you why we fool ourselves about our mistakes and how to avoid. This way, you’ll be able to improve more quickly. The lessons are taken from the book “Mistakes were made – But not by me”. Blame it on cognitive dissonance Imagine this: after weeks of learning and


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